Jack OSX versions 0.83 - 0.90

So which version should I use?

Starting with version 0.83, Jack OSX is available in two different versions: a "mixed", 64/32 bit version, and a 32 bit version:

64/32 bit version
This version is for use on OS 10.6.x or greater systems only. Why is it called “64/32 bit”?  Currently, the JackPilot application can only run in 32 bit mode. JackPilot however will start the Jack server in 64 bit mode. This allows Jack to be set as the “Default device” for the Mac (default devices on 10.6.x and greater require 64 bit operation, allowing apps like iTunes, etc.. that only use the Mac’s default device, to be routed through Jack). This version may cause problems however if you are using Jack OSX with a 3rd party audio device (i.e. anything other than “Built In Audio”) that does not yet have 64 bit drivers installed on your system (since the Jack server is running in 64 bit mode). In these instances, if you are running OS 10.6.x or greater, you will be forced to use the 32 bit version (below), and you will lose the ability to set Jack as the Mac’s “Default” device as above.

32 bit version
A 32 bit package is also provided for users of pre-10.6.x operating systems, as well as those users who are using 10.6.x or greater with a 3rd party audio device that does not yet have a 64 bit driver.


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